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Who We Are

We are a health technology company with a special focus on patient care. We believe in healthcare with simplicity.
Our tools enable users to manage their health on their fingertips.

Our mission

Navia Life Care’s mission is to improve the lives of people through innovative products and services. We aim to provide simple tools enabling better management of a person’s health in the most convenient way



Healthcare at your fingertips.



We are your personal caretaker.



We understand your needs.

Core Values



We are innovators at the core and have a vision to disrupt the healthcare market in the time to come.



Young and energetic team committed to produce the best health management tools



We respect our customers and their privacy, by maintaining strict ethical standards in all our services

Meet Our Team

Kunal Kishore Dhawan

Master of Science in Biotechnology and Management from Carnegie Mellon University, USA; 3 years experience in Business Strategy, Strategic Marketing, Project Management and Supply Chain Management at Fresenius Kabi

Shourjo Banerjee

Bachelors in Computer Engineering from University Of Wisconsin-Madison, specializing in Computer Architecture and Cellular Networking; 4 years experience in Computer Architecture and Hardware Verification in Digital Networking for Freescale Semiconductors.

Gaurav Gupta
Operations Strategy Lead

Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnlogy from NSIT, University of Delhi; a second generation entrepreneur with 5 years of experience in Biotechnology based Cleantech business

Meet Our Advisors

Dr Sunit Arora

Visiting consultant in Medicine at Shanti Mukund Hospital, Pushpanjali Medical Centre, Metro (Anand) Hospital and Sanjeevan Hospital, Delhi

Dr Vandana

Senior Consultant, Histopathology and Lab Medicine - Max Hospital, Vaishali (Pushpanjali Crosslay)

Media & Events


World Polio Day

World Polio Day is observed on October 24 every year to commemorate the fight against poliomyelitis.

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World Obesity Week

Obesity Week, observed between 15th and 19th of October is a unique, annual international event focused on the basic science, clinical application, surgical intervention and prevention of obesity.

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World Mental Health Day

Mental illness is not a personal failure. In fact, if there is failure, it is to be found in the way we have responded to people with mental and brain disorders

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